Men of Integrity

In the Christian Faith involvement in small groups plays an important role in the growth of one’s spiritual journey. Personal discovery happens in small groups better than large groups for a number of reasons. You can learn, ask questions, involve yourself in the lives of others, and generally make yourself vulnerable among other people who are doing the same in small groups.
The Men of Integrity comprises of men of varying ages, backgrounds and races, but with common desires.
To be better men, husbands, fathers and friends.
To be the men God is calling us to be, in our homes, churches, work place and communities.
We support each other, spiritually, socially and emotionally, yes men do need emotional support. Whether it’s discussing the Sunday sermon, talking about a spiritual battle, going deeper into God’s word or simply praying for one another.
If you are not yet involved in a small group or you simply want to come by and check us out,We meet every Tuesday at 7pm in the church office.
We would love to meet you.